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Outline of 1 Chronicles

1. Genealogical Introduction (1 Chronicles 1:1–9:44)

First Chronicles opens with nine chapters of lists and genealogies that trace the postexilic community’s ancestors back to Adam and point to the importance of David.

A. Adam to Israel (1:1–2:2)

The first list traces the history of Israel from Adam to Israel.

B. The Tribes of Israel (2:3–9:1)

While all twelve of Israel’s tribes are represented in these lists, the lists have been carefully arranged to emphasize the royal tribes of Judah (David) and Benjamin (Saul) as well as the priestly tribe of Levi.

C. The Restored Jerusalem Community (9:2-34)

These lists from Nehemiah 11:3-24 help the Chronicler’s postexilic community see their place in the history just presented in chapters 1-8.

D. Saul (9:35-44)

Saul’s genealogy (9:35-44, repeated from 1 Chronicles 8:29-38) anticipates the Chronicler’s presentation of Saul’s death in chapter 10.

2. The United Monarchy, Part One: David (1 Chronicles 10:1–29:30)

In Chronicles, the reigns of David and Solomon are seen as a unity, though this is obscured by the artificial split of Chronicles into two books. The rest of 1 Chronicles narrates the first part of the united monarchy, David as Israel’s ideal king. Part two of the united monarchy begins in 2 Chronicles 1.

A. Saul (10:1-14)

Only the final chapter in the life of Israel’s first king, Saul, is presented. Here it serves as an example of exile as the result of unfaithfulness.

B. David Becomes King over All Israel (11:1–12:40)

All Israel immediately recognizes David as king.

C. David Brings the Ark to Jerusalem (13:1–16:43)

By bringing the ark of God from Kiriath-jearim to Jerusalem, the Chronicler turns to his primary concern: the establishment of proper worship.

D. God’s Promise to David (17:1-27)

In this pivotal chapter, God promises that David will always have a son on the throne of Judah (vv. 1-15), and David responds with thanks and praise (vv. 16-27).

E. David’s Wars (18:1–20:8)

David gains victory when he trusts the LORD and gains wealth with which to build the temple.

F. David Prepares for the Temple (21:1–29:30)

The shared segment of David and Solomon is presented with the preparations for the building of the temple in chapters 21, 22, 28, and 29, framing David’s organization of the temple personnel in chapters 23-27.