2 Samuel 12:26-31 – David in the Right Place


2 Samuel 12:26-31


Joab shames David into finally joining his army in the fight against the Ammonites, and returning to his proper place on the battlefield, instead of skulking about on rooftops.


Joab was no doubt aware of David’s sins after Uriah delivered David’s letter instructing him to murder one of David’s most trusted warriors. After completing much of the campaign on his own, Joab finally has enough of David lounging in his palace. Joab calls on David to raise a force and enter the capital of the Ammonites, or Joab will do it himself, receiving the glory he is due in the process. David takes the extremely heavy crown of the Ammonites, much of their wealth, and captives and riches back to Jerusalem. 

One wonders if David had been with his army, as kings were accustomed to doing (2 Samuel 11:1), whether the rape (or seduction) of Bathsheba and the murder of Uriah might have been avoided completely (see discussion above on 2 Samuel 11).