1 Chronicles 1:1-2:2 – From Adam to Israel


1 Chronicles 1:1-2:2


This genealogical list, based upon others in Genesis, traces the history of Israel from Adam to Israel.


Several genealogical lists, drawn from Genesis 5; 10-11; 25; and 35-36, provide the raw material for the Chronicler’s first genealogy, moving from Adam to Israel. The material is carefully arranged to make a particular point. By presenting secondary lines of descent first, these lines are essentially done away with, leaving the primary line of descent in rhetorical exposure. Since this line ultimately becomes Israel, this procedure serves to emphasize Israel’s place in the wider context of humanity and points to their election by God. For example, in the list chronicling Abraham’s line the descendants are not arranged in chronological order but by their various mothers: first Hagar (1 Chronicles 1:29-31), then Keturah (1:32-33), and finally Sarah (1:34). In Chronicles, “Jacob” is always referred to as “Israel.”