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Outline of Genesis

1. The Primeval Story (Genesis 1:1-11:26)

God, with the help of various agents (for example, the “us” of Genesis 1:26), creates the world. Human sin intrudes, with social and cosmic effects (including the flood), in the wake of which God’s promises enable a new world order.

2. The Story of Abraham and Sarah (Genesis 11:27-25:18)

God calls Abraham and makes promises to him and his descendants through both Hagar and Sarah and their sons Ishmael and Isaac, though it is only through Isaac that the covenant is established.

3. The Story of Jacob, Leah, and Rachel (Genesis 25:19-36:43)

God renews the promises to Jacob/Israel, whose twelve sons become the tribes of Israel.

4. The Story of Jacob’s Sons, Especially Joseph (Genesis 37:1-50:26)

The story of Joseph becomes the prism in and through which the development of Jacob’s family is portrayed. Egypt is the primary location of this story, which sets up the narrative in the book of Exodus.