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Who is the Holy Spirit?
The Spirit is as close to us as our nearest breath, and brings us into relationship with God and with one another.
What Really Happened at Easter?
While we don't have footage from that first Easter morning, we have witnesses to help us understand what happened that day.
Paul Hated Women — Or Did He?
Did Paul write things that have been used by Christians to do great damage to women and that have hampered the work of the church for centuries? Absolutely. Did Paul also write things that suggest he believed men do not possess superiority over women, as well as things that support women’s full participation in public Christian leadership? Absolutely.
Who Wrote the Bible?
The Bible was written by lots of people over many centuries, from about the 9th or 10th centuries BCE to the 1st century CE.
Which Gospel Is True?
There are differences in the various gospel accounts of Jesus' life. Should that trouble us?
Which Bible Should I Buy?
Any Bible you're reading is better than any Bible that just sits on your nightstand or coffee table.
What Is the Bible?
How the Bible is a bit more like your grandma's scrapbook than you might want to admit.

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