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Overflowing with What?
One person’s life verse leaves a bad taste in the mouth of another.
The Day that Changed My Life
Author Karna Moskalik speaks of her first day of kindergarten, an experience that changed the trajectory of her life.
The Touch of God
I spent almost my entire life swinging from all-out believer to apparent atheist and back again.
Through the work of the promised Spirit, Jesus has bequeathed me the gift of peace.
The Feeding of the 5,000
Author Krista Vingelis meditates on Jesus' miracle of feeding of the 5000 and how the story speaks into her own life.
Romans 1 and the Bonhoeffer Question
Author Tom Schaeffer explores the Bonhoeffer Question from Romans 1, asks, "Am I willing to be completely submissive to Jesus Christ and the gospel of God?"

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