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Peace, Peace, When There Is No Peace
Author Michael Perera reminds us that our trust is in the God who binds every wound, who wipes away every tear, and who gathers all of us into a kingdom of eternal love.
The Feeding of the 5,000
Author Krista Vingelis meditates on Jesus' miracle of feeding of the 5000 and how the story speaks into her own life.
Romans 1 and the Bonhoeffer Question
Author Tom Schaeffer explores the Bonhoeffer Question from Romans 1, asks, "Am I willing to be completely submissive to Jesus Christ and the gospel of God?"
We Are God’s Chosen Family
Despite God’s incarnational delight of dwelling in a family unit, God never promises that families will live without strife and hardship.
A Psalm Transfigured
Grace has the power to transfigure a divine surveillance psalm into a love song

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