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The Bible and Justice
From the very beginning of the Bible, we are reminded that God is both just and generous. God provides for God’s good Creation and God reminds us that we know as we are known.
How the Bible Influences Ethics
The church has always insisted that we read the Bible theologically and morally as a whole, with Jesus himself as the larger horizon in which we weigh the diverse witness of the texts themselves.
The Bible on Sexuality and Marriage
Since the Bible contains such a range of forms of human sexuality, Christians must rely upon a broader base of moral resources to make godly decisions about sex.
Once Upon a Time: Kids and Story
Pastors Paul and Nancy Lee Gauche explore how to share the stories of the Jewish and Christian Scriptures with children.
How Do Parents Share Faith with Kids?
Rather than getting stuck on definitions of what the "perfect family" might be or prescribing a step-by-step regimen of family faith practices, consider what jazz might bring to our understanding of family life.
Why Do We Suffer?
The Bible is realistic; there are no rose-colored glasses here. The biblical writers know suffering firsthand and they write of it in detail. They sometimes ask the “why” question but they never settle on one particular answer.
Tracing the Bible’s Connections to Africa
The geographical roots of the Bible lie in Africa and Asia, and African cultural influences are seen in the theology, character, authors, and editors of the biblical text.
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