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When We Feel Like It’s All Futile
Reflecting on the book of Ecclesiastes, author Jennifer Hackbarth encourages us to find joy in the everyday moments of our lives and in God.
Where Hope is Found
In this article, Paul Lutter reflects on where hope is found on the basis of Revelation 21:5.
Endings and Beginnings
Transition points are laden with meaning, especially when they crop up out of the blue in Scripture, and in our own lives.
God’s Love Without Limits
In this article, author Joseph Yoo pays attention to the story of Cornelius in Acts 10, reminding Christians that God’s love has no limits or boundaries.
God Is Still With You
Author Tom Park reflects on Joseph's story in Scripture and articulates that even in our darkest hardships, God is still with us.
This Moment Needs a Song
Erin Robinson Hall dives into the story of Miriam in Exodus 15 and shows us, "This moment needs a song."
God the Gardener
A Bible study about cultivating spaces where everyone belongs.

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