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How the Book of Job Changed My Life
Alfie Wines left the church as a protest against racism; the Book of Job ignited a curiosity that transformed her life.
You Have Turned My Mourning into Dancing: Psalm 30
As a student and lover of the Bible, I don’t have favorite passages ... and Psalm 30 is one of them. It is a favorite because it speaks for me. It gives me the words to sing my song.
The Best Way to Read the Bible
It’s better to be reading the Bible once a week, standing on one foot, and wearing an orange fright wig than not reading the Bible at all!
Icon to iPad: the Bible in American Life
Has the possible loss of the Bible’s material presence in people’s lives had any impact on their attitudes toward the authority of the Bible itself?
Do Angels Still Exist Today?
Of course they do. Can you imagine God telling the heavenly host of angels, "You're all done with your work"?
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