Podcast Episodes

Everything you wanted to know about the Bible...but were afraid to ask!


3.69: Lightning Round Part Two
Katie and Kathryn work through more listener questions about numbers in the Bible, the binding of sins, and Isaiah's suffering servant.
3.68: Lightning Round Part One
Katie and Kathryn tackle a pile of listener questions about the Bible and the beginning of everything.
2.67: Is Jesus the Same as God?
This discussion with Jennifer Kaalund centers on a question submitted by an Enter the Bible podcast listener: Is Jesus the same as God?
2.63: Miracles: Is It Outrageous to Believe in Them?
In this discussion with Alan Padgett, they focus on the miraculous as found in the Bible (Old and New Testament) and approaches to inexplicable events in Christian history and in contemporary life.
2.61: Can We Believe in the Bible and Science?
A discussion with Alan Padgett on the nature of truth (scientific and spiritual) in which the podcasters talk about the 6000-year-old earth, the veracity of the resurrection, and the end of time.
2.60: Is There Baby Eating in the Bible?
In episode 6 of season 2, Prof. Kathryn Schifferdecker and Katie Langston talk with Prof. Richard Nysse about the question, Why is there baby eating in the Bible?