Matthew 24:1-35 – The Signs of the End of the Age


Matthew 24:1-35


In regard to concerns about the “end times” Jesus cautions the disciple community not to be mislead by false promises about the Messiah, but rather to be encouraged by the promise that there will be clear signs when the Son of Man comes to gather his chosen ones.


The disciples’ notice of the temple buildings calls for Jesus to remark on their future destruction (a remark that many readers see as a clue to the dating of Matthew as post destruction of the temple). The disciples immediately turn this to reflection on Jesus’ coming and ask “when” it will be and “what sign” will accompany it. Jesus warns that there will be catastrophic events and persecution because of his name, but cautions them not to be led astray by false messianic claims about the end. Instead they are to focus on the need for endurance and the promise that the good news of the kingdom will be proclaimed to all nations before the end (24:13-14; see also 28:18-20). There will be suffering, but they are not to be misled by false promises about the Messiah (24:15-28). Instead they should be encouraged by the promise that when the Son of Man comes he will gather his chosen ones (24:29-31), that the signs will be so clear as not to be missed (24:32-33), and that Gods’ words will abide firm and will never pass away (24:35).