Galatians 6:11 – Paul’s Large Letters


Galatians 6:11


Paul puts his personal stamp on the letter and wishes to emphasize his personal authority to the Galatians one last time.


Though his large letters are sometimes attributed to a physical infirmity (sometimes even to his blinding on the road to Damascus), it is most likely that Paul has put his personal stamp on the letter here. He would have hired a professional scribe to write the remainder of the letter and in this particular place, he points out that he himself is doing the writing. He calls out his large letters to differentiate them from the neater hand of the scribe. 

While this may seem to be a trivial detail at first, it serves as a summary of Paul’s argument in Galatians. Throughout the letter, he has sought to combat those who either modified his preaching or opposed him outright. By pointing out his personal handwriting, Paul stamps the letter with his genuine seal of approval. At a time when travel was difficult and Paul had no idea when he would visit the Galatians again, his handwriting serves as a stand-in for his presence among them. Coming at the end of his letter, it signals to the Galatians that they should take this letter as the definitive Paul and that anyone who claims to represent Paul’s teaching without a similar signature should not be trusted. Paul has staked his reputation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ on this letter and he writes this verse to underline that.