2 Samuel 3:1-5 – David’s Family Expands


2 Samuel 3:1-5


After his coronation in Hebron, David begins to live like a king, multiplying strength, wives, and children. 


Much of the royal cast for the rest of this book is introduced as David’s family rapidly expands in Hebron. The sons of David who will attack their family members are born here. What should have been a sign of strength and favor will later mark unending conflict and strife in David’s family. 

On a bright note, the rabbis interpret this passage to mean that Michal, who married David, but was given by Saul to another man (1 Samuel 25:44), reunites with David here under the affectionate name of Eglah (“heifer,” as a term of endearment – see Judges 14:18). Eglah is the only person here introduced as “David’s wife,” so the rabbis reason that she had already been David’s wife, that is, Michal. Accordingly, when Michal is prevented from having children in 2 Samuel 6, she already has at least one (and maybe as many as five, see 2 Samuel 21:8).