2 Kings 8:1-6 – Restoring the Shunammite Woman’s Property


2 Kings 8:1-6


Elisha continues to help the Shunammite woman, this time from afar.


Elisha had experienced hospitality at Shunem from this woman and favored her with two miracles, the birth of a son and his resuscitation following his mysterious death (4:8-37). Apparently, Elisha had given her further advice, counseling her to avoid an impending famine by living in Philistia for seven years. Upon her return the once wealthy woman learned she had lost everything. Her appeals to the king recall the Elijah story of Naboth’s vineyard (1 Kings 21:1-16).

As Gehazi is regaling the king with the details of Elisha’s miracles on her behalf, the Shunammite woman appears before the king. When the king learns of her distress he rectifies the situation. In her previous story, the Shunammite had refused Elisha’s offer to use his influence with the king on her behalf (4:13). Now, even in his absence, the influence of the prophet with the king is the decisive factor in the Shunammite’s situation.