2 Chronicles 27:1-9 – Jotham


2 Chronicles 27:1-9


The brief reign of Jotham essentially reports his building activities. He is, however, a refreshing model of obedience and blessing.


Once again the Chronicler has structured his account concentrically. Two descriptions of Jotham’s success–building projects (vv. 3-4) and military victory (v. 5)–are surrounded by the reasons for his success, doing “what was right in the sight of the LORD” (v. 2) and ordering “his ways before the LORD his God” (v. 6). This little homily on the rewards of a pious life is enclosed by royal formulas drawn from 2 Kings 15:33-38 (vv. 1, 7-9).

This brief account is significant, however, because it signals an end to the pattern that has governed the presentation of the last three kings (Joash, Amaziah, and Uzziah), whose reigns had been divided into a positive first period characterized by piety and blessing, followed by a negative second period characterized by sin.