1 Samuel 22:3-4 – David the Moabite


1 Samuel 22:3-4


After David’s unsuccessful attempt to find safety in Gath, David takes his parents to Moab to save them from Saul’s revenge. 


David’s ancestry comes center-stage in his attempt to keep his natal family safe from Saul’s revenge. David sought to leave his parents with the king of Moab for safe-keeping while he continued to flee from Saul. Moab was a natural choice because Jesse – David’s father – was the grandson of Ruth the Moabite (Ruth 4:18-22). Jesse could probably recall his grandmother’s accent and stories about growing up across the Jordan from Judahite tribal holdings. We should not think that even royal lines were “purely” Israelite. Indeed, Jesus’ genealogy notes several non-Israelites (all women) in his ancestry as well (Matthew 1:1-16, especially verses 3, 5 and 6). David’s family’s Moabite heritage proved incredibly helpful, as they found safety from Saul in Moab.