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Outline of Song of Songs

1. The Song of Songs (Song of Solomon 1:1)

In its title, the book identifies itself as a “song of songs” (that is, a superlative song) and points to a relationship between the book and Solomon.

2. The Two Lovers Appear (Song of Songs 1:2-2:7)

The young woman and young man introduce themselves with descriptions of their longing for one another.

3. Seeking the Beloved (Song of Songs 2:8-3:5)

The woman is beckoned by the voice of her beloved (2:8-15), and she declares her love and allegiance to him, rising from her bed to seek the one “whom my soul loves” (2:16-3:5).

4. A Royal Wedding (Song of Songs 3:6-11)

The woman envisions a royal wedding procession, perhaps fantasizing about her own wedding to come.

5. The Man in Praise of His Lover (Song of Songs 4:1-5:1)

The man sings the praises of his beloved, describing her in vivid poetic imagery.

6. Love’s Challenges (Song of Songs 5:2-6:3)

Again, the woman hears the voice of her beloved and goes to seek him, enduring an attack of the city sentinels. She describes her lover to her friends, who wonder where he has gone.

7. Mutual Longings (Song of Songs 6:4-13)

The man returns to a loving description of his beloved, his “only one.” She, in turn, seeks him in her fantasy.

8. Love That Lasts Forever (Song of Songs 7:1—8:7)

In this dialogue, the man sings of his praise and his longing for the woman (7:1-9), and she declares her love and commitment to him, singing of the fierce and enduring passion of their mutual love.

9. Concluding Dialogue (Song of Songs 8:8-14)

The closing verses report the reconciliation of the woman with her brothers and one more announcement of the longing and commitment of the two lovers.