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Outline of Obadiah

1. Introduction (Obadiah 1-4)

The prophet Obadiah speaks an oracle of the Lord against Edom. Though Edom feels secure living in “the rock” (the Hebrew word for “rock”–Sela–was also the name of a prominent Edomite city), the Lord will bring Edom down.

2. Judgment on Edom (Obadiah 5-9)

Edom’s allies will betray her, and the Lord will destroy both wisdom teachers and warriors in Edom.

3. Edom’s Sins against Judah (Obadiah 10-14)

The prophet lists the reasons for Edom’s punishment: Edom gloated over Judah’s downfall, looted Judah’s goods, and handed over her fugitives to the enemy.

4. The Day of the Lord (Obadiah 15-18)

The “day of the LORD” approaches, when all the nations will be punished for their sins; but Judah and Israel (“the house of Joseph”) will be restored and will consume Edom as fire consumes stubble.

5. The Restoration and Expansion of Israel (Obadiah 19-21)

Obadiah’s book ends with a vision of Israel and Judah restored and their territory expanded. Those on Mount Zion (in Judah) will rule over those on Mount Esau (in Edom) and the kingdom will belong to the Lord.