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Outline of Nahum

1. Superscription (Nahum 1:1)

The book is ascribed to Nahum of Elkosh.

2. Appearance of God’s Wrath (Nahum 1:2-8)

Nahum opens with an acrostic poem depicting the wrath of God, which, as the book unfolds, is directed specifically against Assyria and its capital Nineveh.

3. Destruction of God’s Opponents and Restoration for God’s People (Nahum 1:9-15)

Before Nahum focuses exclusively on Assyria, Judah’s own status is depicted as afflicted by God through Assyrian oppression. Assyria’s own defiance of God will be punished, and Judah will be released from affliction and have its communal life restored.

4. The Destruction of Assyria and Its Capital Nineveh (Nahum 2:1-3:19)

This section offers a graphic and extended depiction of the military destruction of Nineveh, capital of Assyria. The furiousness of Assyria’s conduct toward others will be directed toward it.