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Theological Themes in Jude

Consequences of false doctrine

The author sees the faith of his “flock” as still being highly vulnerable. This concern invigorates his compassion for their welfare and his hostile characterization of and opposition to the false teachers (vv. 3-4, 10, 23).

Implications of the Parousia for doctrine and life

There is already a strong note of urgency in the cautions and warnings the writer issues, but these are made far more intense by the sense that the people involved are living within a short time frame as they await God’s judgment. So the letter is best understood as offering counsel for the near term rather than for the long term (vv. 16, 18-19).

Jesus as Savior and Judge

The author conveys just as strong a sense of the mercy and grace at work in salvation as he does of the immanence and fearfulness of the coming judgment (vv. 7, 22, 24-25).