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Theological Themes in 1 John


This book insists on the full coming of the Son of God into human flesh–a fully human Savior. Many philosophies and religions of the first and second centuries saw the body or flesh as inherently evil, and this led some people to resist the idea of Jesus as God incarnate.

Light and darkness

The book assumes a strong and unambiguous division between good and evil, light and dark, faith and unbelief, Christians and “the world.” These divisions are no doubt a simplification of real life now.


Love is at the core of who God is. Likewise, love must guide the life of Christian believers who work and live (“walk”) in the light of God. John famously claims that God is love.

“Walking” as ethics

John the Elder uses the metaphorical expression walk to speak of the life of faith and discipleship. The importance of Christian ethics in the life and love of God receives strong emphasis. Faith that is true will lead to a walk that is strong in Christ.