Podcast Episodes

Everything you wanted to know about the Bible...but were afraid to ask!


1.8: Did Paul Hate Women?
Was Paul a terrible misogynist? Did he believe women were second-class citizens who should stay out of the public square?
1.7: Who Wrote the Bible?
The Bible is a collection of writings that span more than a millennium. Who wrote them and put them all together?
1.6: Which Gospel Is True?
Why are there four gospels instead of just one unified story? What do the differences and similarities of these texts help us understand?
1.5: Which Bible Should I Buy?
Since 1940, there have been over 1200 translations or partial translations of the Bible. Which one is best?
1.3: The Gospel of Thomas
The Gospel of Thomas gets sensational media coverage from time to time, but what is it and why isn't it in the Bible?
1.4: How Is the Bible Organized?
The way something is organized shapes the way we read it. How might we be able to be thoughtful and aware of how the Bible has been organized?
1.1: What is the Bible?
Before we can do much work understanding what the Bible says, it's important to clarify what it actually is.