Zephaniah 3:14-20 – Redemptive Celebration


Zephaniah 3:14-20


The remnant of the judged people is reconstituted as a singing, celebrating community with God in their midst to protect them and to restore their reputation.


The transformation of the judged and reconstituted people of God is expressed in boundless promises on God’s part. The punishments of the Day of the Lord are withdrawn and punishing enemies are removed. The embarrassing loss of community life will be removed. The taunts and boasting of the nations over against Judah in its judged state are turned into praise and honor. The Lord is now a warrior working for them, not against them. God’s own rebuke is removed by God. No mention is made of any repentance on the part of the people-they are the lame, oppressed, shamed exiles who have been remade by God into a meek, humble, pure-tongued people. All there is for the people to do is to sing, shout aloud, be glad, and rejoice. In fact, the Lord is already delighting and rejoicing over them (3:17). “Join the chorus” is the concluding message of Zephaniah.