Revelation 5:11-14 – All Creation Sings


Revelation 5:11-14


Not just the angels, but all of God’s creatures unite in praise of God and the Lamb.


Revelation is a book full of singing and snippets of song and Revelation 5 presents such a scene. Reminiscent of Isaiah’s vision of the seraphs praising the Lord, John sees all of creation join together in praise of God (Isaiah 6:1-3). Like Isaiah, John begins his description with the angels and the heavenly beings, including the four living creatures (5:11). In an unexpected twist, the heavenly host directs their first song to the Lamb, highlighting that despite it being slaughtered, it is “worthy to receive power and wealth and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing” (5:12). John then expands on Isaiah’s vision, naming all of creation. Not just the creatures in heaven, but also those on earth, under the earth and in the sea, sing together. The combined song of all creation praises the one seated on the throne and the Lamb together, offering them “blessing and honor and glory and might” (5:13). John concludes this singing with the “Amen” of the four living creatures and then the elders in heaven fall down and worship both God and the Lamb (5:14). This episode of praise and worship is part of a pattern of christological claims in Revelation, in which John describes God and Jesus Christ on equal terms and receiving equal worship. These can also be seen in the description of both of them as Alpha and Omega (1:8, 22:13).