Revelation 19:15 – The Sword of Christ’s Mouth


Revelation 19:15


God’s enemies suffer defeat by the power of the word.


The battle described here marks the victory of the word of Christ over the powers that oppose God. The battle is normally identified by the name Armageddon, which was mentioned in 16:16. Although many think of Armageddon as a battle involving the usual military technology, the only weapon actually mentioned in Revelation is the sword that comes from the mouth of Christ. Most recognize that this sword symbolizes the power of Christ’s word (see Isaiah 11:4/Revelation 2:16 – The Word as Sword). Christ is also said to wield an iron rod, which here is a tool of governing traditionally ascribed to the Messiah in Psalm 2:9. The battle plays an important role in Revelation because it points to the end of the powers that oppress the world and seek to lure people into unbelief. The allies of Christ are not shown slaying the nations with their own weapons. Rather, the battle is a divine act wherein Christ defeats evil through his word alone.