Psalm 127-128 – The Blessings of Family and Children


Psalm 127-128


High on the list of God’s blessings is a happy home filled with healthy children.


These two psalms speak of the everyday blessings of home, spouse, and children. God cares not only for the cosmos and the nation, but for families as well, anonymous to all but God.

The psalmist speaks in an ancient oriental culture that is generally male-centered, where the fertility of the wife and the gift of many children are particularly highly regarded (127:3-5; 128:3). That culture assumes marriage and children as the norm for all–and, of course, it still is for most people of the world. Children are valued as a blessing from God, a gift especially in times of danger when it would be dangerous to be alone (127:5) and the only real way to achieve “immortality” (128:6). A large family is treasured especially in a time when all members of the family must work to sustain daily life and when disease might easily take children without warning–again, still true for much of the world. In other cultures, like our own, children are still God’s blessing, of course, but they are no longer an economic necessity; women have significant roles other than their important place within the family and, for a variety of reasons, many people do not or cannot choose to marry. We will need to “translate” this psalm to address not only familial roles and male concerns, but to remind us that God’s care is for the everyday affairs of all, which is surely the case (see, for example, Psalm 113:7-9).

Perhaps in our present busy culture, the psalm’s most important reminder is that we “rise up early and go late to rest” in vain, unless we build our lives around the care and call of God (127:1-2).