Mark 10:28-31 – The Eschatological Family


Mark 10:28-31


Jesus promises his followers that they will gain back all that they have lost in the world to come.


As the inevitable result of his views on the Sabbath and dietary restrictions, Jesus caused ruptures in his follower’s families. In fact, at one point his own family thought that he was out of his mind (3:21). To reassure his followers, Jesus promises them two families, one in the present and one in the world to come. In the present, this family consists of other followers of Jesus, and though it is more numerous than the families they left behind, it comes with an ironic twist. Jesus is careful to remind his followers that in the present time, the rewards are mixed with suffering; they will find a new family, but it will also come with persecutions. The family in the world to come also presents an interesting change for them. They will receive more brothers and sisters and mothers and children, but they will not receive more fathers. This is because God has become their father and no one can stand on equal footing with God as head of the Christian household.