Jude 1:17-18 – This Conflict Comes as No Surprise


Jude 1:17-18


The apostles of Jesus Christ predicted scenarios like the one Jude addresses, for they spoke of those who will follow “their own ungodly lusts” during “the last time.”


Jude holds up to us the importance of having and making use of historical points of reference. Again and again the author directs his readers to try to comprehend their current travails and challenges in the light of the struggles of their forebears in their own time. The author cites instances from inside and outside of the canonical books to drive home his points:

  • You are not the first ones to be harassed by unfaithful teaching and influence.
  • You have models to draw from in the past that will shed light on your path in the present.
  • Your struggle does not need to be alone or futile.