Job 39:1-8 – God Cares Even for the Offspring of Wild Animals


Job 39:1-8


Chapter 39 presents a series of vignettes that show God’s loving care, even for wild animals that are of no direct value to human beings. God takes great delight in the animals and provides them with the nourishment that they need.


In chapter 38, God implies that there are limits to human understanding and control. Given that, one might be tempted to despair and dread about what the future might bring. In this chapter, God goes on to assure that we can trust God the Creator. God loves the creation, and God will provide for the needs of all creatures. If even the baby mountain goat is watched and loved by God, then surely the same is true of human beings who are made in God’s own image. Jesus once spoke in a similar way about a God who even has his eye on the sparrow (Luke 12:6-7).