Job 10:8-12 – Job Remembers That God Lovingly Created Him


Job 10:8-12


Job becomes nostalgic as he thinks about God as the loving Creator who brought him into life and sustained him through the years. Why would such a God now turn against him to destroy him?


After outbursts of anger and direct confrontation with God in chapters 7 and 9, Job now quiets down and seems to be puzzled and hurt by what a loving God has done to him. The description of how God formed him shows God’s personal involvement in the process. Job believes that he is God’s creature, shaped and given life by God’s own hand. Job is confused by God’s strange rejection of the one God had lovingly made. What happened? What did Job do to bring about this change? Is it God who has changed? Why does a parent suddenly turn against her own flesh and blood? Why does an artist smash into pieces a favorite vase that he had once looked on with great pride? What causes profound love to turn into indifference or hostility?

It just does not make sense. Job is confused and hurt. Does God still love him or not? Did God ever love him? Will God love him again? At this point in his journey of suffering, Job cannot answer these questions with any kind of certainty.