Isaiah 52:7-10 – How Beautiful Are the Feet of God’s Messengers


Isaiah 52:7-10


As God returns to Zion with the rescued exiles, messengers run to bring the good news. The whole earth sees God’s salvation.


The text imagines a city waiting for news of the battle–will it be good news or bad? How are things going? In the distance a runner appears, and the sentinels on the city walls see him coming. They hear the good news that God has proven victorious. They see God’s return. All break forth in shouts of thanksgiving. Everything is beautiful, even the feet of the runners, because of this happy news.

This passage functions as a reprise of the similar scene in 40:9-11. There, too, Zion announced the coming of God to comfort God’s people. In both cases, the “gospel” term is used in the Greek Septuagint translation of the text: euangelizomai–to evangelize, to preach good news. The gospel is not a theory or a doctrine or even a teaching; it is news: God is coming! As God promised to comfort the people in 40:1, now God has done so (52:9).