Isaiah 40:29-31 – Mount Up with Wings like Eagles


Isaiah 40:29-31


All human effort has limits, but with God people can run and not grow weary; they are given eagles’ wings.


Human effort is seen here both in its limits and its possibilities. To be sure, even strong young people eventually grow tired–not to mention those who have been victimized and oppressed–but God gives power to the powerless enabling them to renew their strength and take off like eagles.

In Old Testament thought, the eagle is an unclean animal (Leviticus 11:13) and cannot be eaten; this text is the only positive eagle reference in the prophetic books. Still, “unclean” does not mean that the eagle is not pronounced “very good” along with the rest of creation (Genesis 1:31)–indeed, good enough that both God and Moses can compare God to the eagle (Exodus 19:4; Deuteronomy 32:11-12). Just as God bore Israel on eagles’ wings at the first exodus (Exodus 19:4), now, in the second exodus–the return from exile–God’s people are given power to mount up themselves with wings like eagles.