Ezekiel 8 – Idolatry in the Temple Area


Ezekiel 8


In Ezekiel’s second vision, the prophet sees the abominations in and around the Temple in Jerusalem.


Ezekiel sees 4 abominations. First, he sees the image of jealousy, or better, the image that provokes jealousy/rage, likely a human or divine image. The passage does not identify the image clearly. Second, he sees “idols of the house of Israel,” that is, images on the walls. Third, he sees women weeping for Tammuz, a Babylonian god. Finally, he sees 25 men facing east and worshiping the sun. Taken together, this idolatry is unacceptable and the reason for the coming destruction of the Temple. Ezekiel’s tour of this area and these abominations stand as a condemnation of these practices and serve to explain the departure of God’s glory later in this vision.