2 Chronicles 1:1-9:31 – Solomon


2 Chronicles 1:1-9:31


In Chronicles the reigns of David and Solomon are seen as a unity, though this is obscured by the artificial split of Chronicles into two books. The first part of 2 Chronicles tells the story of Solomon as the chosen builder of the temple without reference to his other exploits so familiar from 2 Kings.


The Chronicler has omitted a great deal of the Solomon narrative from his source in 2 Kings 1-11. Usually, the Chronicler’s desire to glorify or idealize David and Solomon is offered as an explanation. Since the continuation of the dynasty was contingent upon Solomon’s obedience (1 Chronicles 28:7), it is reasonable to attribute the omission of the plots and bloodbath that attended his rise to the throne (2 Kings 1-2) and his apostasy (2 Kings 11) to such a motivation. The omission of favorable material, such as Solomon’s wise decision concerning the prostitutes in 1 Kings 3:16-28, however, suggests that the Chronicler has chosen to use only those materials that relate to the building of the temple. The concentric structuring of the material, which centers on the temple’s construction and dedication, adds to this impression:

  • Solomon’s wisdom and wealth (1:1-17)
  • Initial preparations for construction (2:1-18)
  • Temple construction (3:1-5:1)
  • Temple dedication (5:2-7:22)
  • Final preparations for construction (8:1-16)
  • Solomon’s wisdom and wealth (8:17-9:31)