Judean king noted for his reforms in time of Isaiah

King of Judah who reigned from 716-687 BC.  He reformed worship in Jerusalem and removed the symbols of Canaanite religion.  Sennacherib, king of Assyria, conquered the fortified cities of Judah and besieged Jerusalem. Hezekiah had to pay heavy tribute of gold and silver. Under the advice of Isaiah the prophet, however, Hezekiah resisted Assyria and prayed to God. Mysteriously, disease broke out in the Assyrian camp and destroyed thousands of their men, so the siege was lifted and the remnant of the Assyrian army departed.  Jerusalem was saved.  Hezekiah was also famous for the conduit which his engineers made to bring water by tunnel into the city of Jerusalem. Later Isaiah was instrumental in healing Hezekiah of a serious illness.  When he recovered, Hezekiah showed his treasures and storehouses to some Babylonian envoys.  Isaiah rebuked him, warning that in the future the Babylonians would seize the city.  Hezekiah, however, died in peace.