5.112: Lightning Round Part Five

In episode 13 of season 5, our hosts present their fifth Lighting Round!


Welcome back to season five of Enter the Bible, a podcast in which we share “Everything You Wanted to Know about the Bible…but were afraid to ask.”

In episode 13 of season 5, our hosts present their fifth Lighting Round!

Show notes

Questions answered in this episode

1. What is the call to Abraham?

2. What is a good online Bible? I’d like one I can access on my phone and iPad

  • Dwell app – https://dwellapp.io/ – Scripture Listening app that allows you to choose preferred voice reading your preferred translation of the Bible.
  • Bible Gateway – https://www.biblegateway.com/ (includes NRSVUE: New Revised Standard Version – Updated Edition)
  • NetBible.org – https://netbible.org/ (includes original language alongside the New English Translation (NET) and study notes
  • Bible Hub – https://biblehub.com/ (includes interlinear readings with original language)
  • BibleStudyTools.com – https://biblestudytools.com (multiple translations and multiple languages)

3. I’ve heard there will be two who return prior to Christs return. One is Elijah, who is the second one?

Biblical books and passages mentioned

  • Genesis 12
  • Genesis 28
  • Exodus 32

Topics, themes and figures mentioned

  • Promised land
  • Covenant
  • Mesopotamia
  • Anti-Semitism
  • Elijah
  • Moses
  • Elijah
  • John
  • Transfiguration

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