2.11: What does the Bible say about abortion?

This discussion with John J. Collins covers abortion, the U.S. Supreme Court, human rights, and biblical values.


In episode 11 of season 2, Prof. Kathryn Schifferdecker and Katie Langston talk with John J. Collins, Holmes Professor Emeritus of Old Testament at Yale Divinity School, about the question: What does the Bible say about abortion?

Show notes

Biblical books and passages mentioned

  • Genesis 9:7
  • Exodus 20:13
  • Exodus 21:22-23
  • Jeremiah 20:17
  • Amos 1:13
  • Revelation 18:23

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Topics and themes mentioned

  • The Supreme Court of the United States
  • Biblical values
  • Barrenness and fertility
  • Death penalty
  • Human rights

Ancient works mentioned

  • Mishnah
  • Didache
  • Epistle of Barnabas
  • Apocalypse of Peter

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